Suction handle with filter, set

Suction handle with filter, set

  • ergonomic handle
  • replaceable filter inside the handle blocking bone chips,
  • cement, mucus, etc.
  • spare filter for exchange during a treatment
  • 3 interchangeable tips: short, long angled, long straight
  • available in set with connecting tube with anti-kinking
  • connectors reinforced along its length
  • recommended for use during treatments with large
  • amount of debris, for e.g. orthopaedic, gynecologic
  • made of transparent rigid material
  • double packing
  • sterile, single use


Set components:

  • straight tip, 260 mm
  • angled tip, 220 mm
  • angled tip, 160 mm
  • spare filter
  • suction handle with pre-inserted filter


Set suction handle with filters set with tubing 25CH/2100 mm set with tubing 25CH/3000 mm set with tubing 30CH/2100 mm set with tubing 30CH/3000 mm
nr kat. 77-5100 77-5220 77-5320 77-5230 77-5330

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