New products in SUMI portfolio

We are pleased to present you two new products:

Barrier enclosure bag – Effective protection from SARS-CoV 2

Barrier enclosure bag is a medical device used in:

  • Emergency departments
  • ambulances
  • ambulatories
  • Intensive care unit
  • transportation of potential/positive COVID-19 patients

Improves protection of medical personnel while providing easy access to space around patient head during resuscitation, patient oxygenation or intubation.

Barrier enclosure bag is:

  • lightweight compact
  • fast and easy to put on
  • single use

It easily fits in emergency medical bags!
More details about the product:

Set for cricothyrotomy PaCric® is made for „can’t intubate, can’t oxygenate” (CICO) situations. It is designed for cases where it is necessary to perform front of neck emergency airway.

Set is based on Guidelines of Difficult Airway Society 2015 (DAS 2015)
Plan D: Emergency front of Neck access – Surgical cricothyrotomy.

Set for cricothyrotomy PaCric® was designed thinking of:

  • as fast
  • as safe
  • as easy

performing of an emergency airway for patient oxygentation.

roduct is packed in single use rigid packaging, protecting its interior from deformation and damage.

Set components:

  • Scalpel, size 10
  • Introducer for difficult airway (bougie)
  • Specially adapter tracheostomy tube with cuff, size 6,0
  • Syringe 10ml
  • Cotton tape for tube fixation
  • Graphic instructions for use


We also offer cricothyrotomy skills trainer for routine training of the emergency procedurę. Set components are:

  • Neck base
  • 1 x simulated skin
  • 1 x simulated thyroid cartilage insert
  • 3 x simulated thyrohyoid membranes

Reference number: CR-TR-1.

More details about the product:

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