HiCapno is a high concentration oxygen mask with possibility to connect CO2 sampling line for capnometry measurements.
It has a built-in unique solution, making possible to take samples of exhaled air for capnometry. This gives immediate view
on patients respiratory capacity and enables quick action in case of any abnormalities.
HiCapno oxygen mask has wide variety of uses: emergency care, intensive care units, operating rooms as well as neurosurgeries.

  • made of medical, soft transparent PVC
  • allows for up to 98% oxygen concentrations
  • innovative valve facilitating CO2 sampling for capnometry from exhaled air
  • perfectly adheres to face shape, very good seal
  • fine packing protecting tube from deformation
  • single use

Set components:

  • HiCapno oxygen mask with rebreathing bag
  • oxygen supply line 2100 mm
  • antibacterial filter
  • CO2 sampling line with Luer-Lock

typnr katalogowy
set with male luer-lock connector 43-0020
set with face gold-plated female Luer-Lock connector 43-0021

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